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Pheromonie® - Original Scent (Buy 1, Get 1 Free)

Pheromonie® - Original Scent (Buy 1, Get 1 Free)

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Birth of "The Original" Phero Scent

In 1985, our master perfumer had the intuition to formulate the sweet, musky base fragrances with human-compatible pheromones: “The Original,” Phero's best-selling pheromone fragrance, was born.


Fair Pricing


Most major fragrance brands use celebrity influence to markup their prices 8-10x the actual cost. At Phero, we do things differently. No celebrities, just premium quality fragrances without the big price tag.

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    Experienced the effect of our pheromone-inspired scents.


    Said that our scents last longer than regular perfumes


    Of customers rated our brand as the top choice among all the pheromone-inspired scents they have ever tried.

    *Results according to clinical/consumer studies. For more information refer to each product page.

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    Benefits of The Pheromonie™ Original Scent

    Heavenly Touch💅- Crafted from yuzu with juicy pomegranate, has scents of peony, lotus, and many more! 

    Scientifically Designed 
    🧪- Unlike other perfumes on the market. We’ve specially crafted our perfume to give you what you need and more!

    Increased Spark
    ✨- look good, smell good, and feel good

    Playful, juicy, and utterly irresistible.

    More Attraction

    Pheromonie Original Scent's captivating fragrance, infused with potent bioactive elements that naturally enhance attraction.

    Boosted Spark

    Experience a heightened allure that leaves a lasting impression, as Pheromonie Original Scent's enriches your confidence and enhances your captivating aura.

    Trustpilot reviews

    Excellent 4.8 / 5

    • Surprised!!!

      I was pleasantly surprised that I saw a difference using these pheromone inspired perfumes

      Kavita Ashra

    • Worth it

      I was very skeptical about this perfume, but I am shocked at how lovely this perfume smells! 

      Diya Shah

    • Must buy

      I am shocked at how good these smell! I keep it on me everyday :)